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      Through accumulated years of experience, the series of vertical rice whitener is the outcome of OYAMA's research and development. The main feature of this machine is its vertical structure from bottom upwards. Highly productive, less broken pieces, and low rice temperatures promise the best rice grinding. The highly effective three-in-one combination unit can be installed easily and operated simply. It is an ideal whitener to replace any old unit in a large rice mill.


1. Thanks to the most updated technique, the machine rotates                   steadily. Water content is lost comparatively less in rice milling           process for better preservation. Each and every white rice piece is       kept evenly intact for optimal tastefulness.

2. The combination of highly efficient three-in-one unit applies                  abrasive milling in the first two stages but the final stage uses the        frictional miller roller (moistening). Between the two machine              units, moistened milling may be performed, in case of necessity for      the frictional unit, for obvious polishing effect.

3. All consumable parts of this unit are made of special metallic              supplies through heat-treatment hardening process. Therefore,            their service life may be extended.

4.This machine is a continuous vertical rice whitener. There is no            need for installation of conveying lifter to save time and cost                thereof.




SPECIFICATIONS: Type: A(abrasive)   Type: FW(friction+water)

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