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   First established in the year 1993. Our company is an exclusive importer of numerous agricultural machines here in the Philippines. We focus on the agricultural development in our country by providing technologically advanced, top of the line machines from different parts of the world.

  Over the years, Grandiose Marketing Inc. has taken bold initiatives to revolutionize the rice milling process by providing state of the art machines which produce high quality rice through more efficient and effective means.

    Grandiose Marketing Inc. currently has the widest coverage of products among all its competitors. Our products now range from machines which are involved in the cleaning, hulling, milling, polishing, grading, and sorting of rice grains. Moreover we also specialize in packaging for food, agricultural and industrial use.

    Grandiose Marketing Incorporated today continues to provide its clients only the best products to cope with the increasing demand of producing excellent quality rice for the consumers.

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