The hi-capacity rice polishing machine is the improved end product of multi-year experiences of OYAMA company. It features full removal of bran and fungi adhered to the rice surface layer. The post-polished rice pieces are white and smooth in surface for extended length of time in storage and this will also promote the marketing competitiveness.

  1. Steady in rotation, highly productive, greater in precision, and less seen with broken pieces, the machine adopts the air-pressure bran sucking technique to remove fully the bran powder and produce the transparent yet shiny polished rice surface.

  2. Advanced in design, the machine is of miller-roller type in principle. Equipped with wet mist sprayer to moisten slightly the white rice surface for better cleaning and polishing effect.

  3. The adhesive powder layer of old white rice can be fully removed and the best result may be rendered after polishing to present the optimal appearance and tastefulness.

  4. main shaft and miller roller, with the exception of screen, are made of SUS stainless steel for quality guarantee and durability.






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