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This instrument is designed to measure the whiteness of rice. Rice whiteness directly correlates with the amount of milling. Therefore, you can use this device to indirectly measure the milling percentage of a rice sample (glutinous and non-glutinous). To make a test, simply insert sample case containing rice. Both the number of measurements and the whiteness value will be immediately displayed. The vacuume fluorescent display has excellent visibility, making it easy for anyone to see the measurement.


Rice whiteness is a key indicator of the level of milling as well as the quality of the rice. For many years, Kett has been recognized as the worlwide standard in rice whiteness measurement. The C600 builds on the tradition of our C300, maintaning the quality and simplicity of that instrument. In addition, The C600 is lighter (3kg), requires a smaller footprint (23.5cm less depth), and has an ecologically improved design - the Blue LED light source provides superiorlife requires much lower power and reduced heat. In addition, our improved design allows the first measurement to be taken only 20 seconds after the instrument is powered.



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