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The Rice flows through the intake hopper (1) goes along the bottom of the indented cylinder cover (2). Through the rotation of the indented cylinder cover the short material is lifted up into the trough (4) and is carried to the trough outlet (M) by means of a screw (5). The long material falls out of the indents (6) before it reaches the trough (4) and continues towards the cover outlet (K).

The inclination of the trough (4) can be adjusted during operation and is shown on a graduated scale.

When the indented cylinder is operating as short seed indented cylinder (R) it is equipped with a stirrer (3), ensuring that each seed comes into contact with the indents.

As long seed indented cylinder (L) a special distribution arrangement (8) is incorporated, giving maximum utilization of the cover.

Suction pipe branches (7) and doors for samples are standard equipment.



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