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  1. Used low temperature & high air flow and pressure to provide even and speedy drying.

  2. PLC/MMI interface features easy operation & remote control is possible for factory autom.

  3. Record for drying and alarm history.

  4. Multi-drying temperature control by moisture content.

  5. Non-destructive type moisture meter, Grain would not be damaged in testing.

  • The width of the air flue is 250 mm. Lower pressure, lower power waste.

  • Inside the SATE drying system, hot air direction positive and negative switching through the gain layer (SATE GRILLED LIKE), grain drying is more uniform, with higher temperature, higher output, and more head rice yield.

  • Rotary discharge, lower broken and power. 6 sets of rotary discharge together are only 0.5 hp. Rotation speed is automatically adjustable.

  • First in-first out rotary discharge.

  • Impurity separation and collection device. Separation hub thin layer separate grain and impurity. No screw, no broken.

  • Drying more uniform, higher output.

  • Working environment more cleaner.

  • Man-machine dialogue, fully touch screen operation.

  • Timely and accurately detect the moisture and temperature in grain drying process. No need to turn the grain crushing.



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